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Write a Product Install/User Guide

Quality installation/user guides provide helpful information to customers regarding products they are looking to buy.

Any customer who submits an Install guide, is eligible for a $200.00 account credit.
To write an install guide simply complete an order with us, at
If you don’t see a guide listed on a specific product, Send an email to and ask if a guide has been created for a specific brand/part number.

Once you complete the guide, send an email containing the guide, as well as your name, order number and part number the guide is for.
The guide will be reviewed and if accepted, your account will be credited for up to 50% of the product purchase price, up to $200.00 maximum via coupon code, or direct account credit at our discretion.
Terms and Conditions of the Program/Instructions for Submission
·         Guides can be submitted as Microsoft Word Document, or Youtube Video. Youtube videos self hosted, will be required to contain a link to the product listing at
·         A complete guide should include: fastener sizes, torque specifications and a complete tool/additional parts required list such as thread sealant, or thread locker.
·         Non-Plagiarized Content and Pictures Only Please!
·         Use clear and to the point English avoiding abbreviations or technical jargon, unless you provide a simple breakdown or clarification of that information.
·         Include relevant factory information, benefits of installation, or suggested maintenance and best practices information when possible.
·         Please ensure that your guide utilizes basic formatting, and grammar principles (Please use Spell check, and do not type in ALL CAPS) to allow readers to easily follow along. Typical examples would include the use of bullet points, a paragraph breakdown, and reference numbers such as Figure 1 to reference a specific tagged graphic, and a step by step interface such as before install safety concerns, and a Step 1, Step 2 breakdown etc.
Graphic Guidelines
1.    We request at least: 6 Original Images. Include: at least (1) before install image, at least (4) in-progress/ during installation images and at least (1) final/install completed product image
2.    Graphics be of sufficient quality, and zoom to accurately identify specific installation step or idea referenced.
3.    We do request images or graphics at least 500 pixels wide.
 Disclaimer Information
Once the user guide or installation video are submitted to and you have received credit for the guide, the video or guide becomes the property of Bar None Diesel Performance. You agree to waive any and all copyright claims for the video or guide.
Bar None Diesel Performance will utilize their guide or video in any fashion, or manner as they see fit.
If you repost the guide on any forum, video site, or social media program you will provide a link to the product on
If your guide is not chosen, we do not claim any copyright to the material, and you are free to use the material as you see fit.